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Keep on Truckin’

Things continue to go well in 2013. I’ve accomplished two of my biggest goals for 2013. Neither in the order I outlined earlier in the year, but they were still monumental nonetheless.

The first big check being that my truck is now fully paid off. I was hoping to pay off $1500 in credit card debt then pay at least half of my truck. What happened? I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Another credit card company offered me 18 months no interest on balance transfers. It only made sense to transfer the credit card balance and focus solely on getting my pickup paid off first. All in all I paid my truck off 20 months early.

Number two, I flew to the other side of the world! A good friend of mine was working on a cruise ship for a while. She had a long stop in Venice, so I bought a plane ticket and met up with her for a few days. Aside from getting stuck in the Miami airport for 21 hours due to missed flights from rain delays the trip was amazing. My friend and I ate a lot of great food. I did a bunch of walking and exploring and turning down random corners. Took plenty of pictures. The whole trip left me wanting to travel even more. Especially to the Alps. I got glimpses of them as I flew into Italy. They were very picturesque.

Sadly, for the majority of the year I haven’t been attentive to my fitness needs. Being a world traveling artist who still works full time hasn’t left much time to cook or to focus on my fitness goals. While I haven’t really put on much weight, I haven’t lost anything either. To keep myself on track I’ve signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. This covers two of my goals for the year. Training should also help me get in a better routine and help dictate that I eat better.

Since this year has been moving so quickly I’m already planting seeds for 2014. I’m hoping to see even more rewarding progress with my leatherworking and take my traveling even further. It will be great to see what more I can accomplish as I push myself.


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