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Life at Light Speed

I’m really astounded that March is already ending. Barely blinked and I’m already 31. That seems to be what happens when life is in full swing.

In my last post I mentioned a few things I intended to have done by June, and since we’re halfway there I figured I’d interject a small update on the progress of those. I’ve done a little bit of each of them. Some debt has been paid off, visited one new city and one old, lost a couple of pounds and have had a little bit of conversation about some books I’ve read. I am unfortunately, doing very poorly in the exercise front. But otherwise, I feel that I’m on track.

So if I’m only scratching the dent of these goals, what have I been up to? A lot. Last year, when I was putting together my 30 Before 30 list one of the items I didn’t successfully accomplish was to have my art at a community market. I was sad to have not accomplished this one, but I moved on. Since then I’ve received a lot of encouragement from my friend Bianca to get off my ass and get myself in gear.

Bianca’s encouragement has been paying off. I set for myself a ridiculously high goal that would really test me and my capabilities as an artist. Last fall I told myself I’d sign up to have my leatherworks at MegaCon (the bigger Orlando comic convention). I had six months to get things in order. What happened in between then and now? I spent three months putzing around, and then three months going at full steam.

As it would turn out Orlando has a lot of markets that have popped up now. I can think of at least a handful of weekly markets and three monthly markets. Feeling only half prepared I signed up for one of the monthly markets to give myself a test run before Megacon. That day turned out to be really rainy and cold. All said and done I sold one item. This gave me enough encouragement to sign up for another of the monthly events. This second market was really windy and cold, but more items sold.

Since then I’ve been doing pretty well with the markets. I’ve also been receiving a lot of individual requests. Which I still need to work on being better at managing. As Megacon grew closer I realized two things; I’d gotten my ass in gear for making a local presence with my art, and that I had barely prepared anything for Megacon itself. Having a heavier than usual work load and fulfilling a large order I received from the World of Beer that my friend manages I wound up going into Megacon with random odds and ends.

Like I’ve been starting to see from the markets, people seemed to be a little surprised to see leather in an artistic form at Megacon. It has become very common, and a highly manufactured product in most people’s lives. Most people were very thrilled with what I was creating. Overall, I did six commissions during the event, and have since picked up a couple more from people who stopped by the booth. I feel that the whole experience was worth my time. I’ve been meeting so many great new people. I feel like things are really starting to take off.

A few weeks back I saw a quote a friend of mine posted, ‘Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week, to avoid working 40 hours a week.’ —@LoriGreiner. I’ve really started to see this side of that coin. I’ve gone numerous nights keeping myself up finishing work, whether it be for my office job, or with leather. But from the outside all you really see is a person slaving away. Now that I’m finding myself there I’m finding myself filled with a passion to continue to create. I’ll stop at nothing to make that happen, whether it be sleepless nights, or toiling away for a few more months in the corporate world so I can pay off my debts so I can focus on growing my craft unfettered by my past.

March 28, 2013   2 Comments

To Infinity…

Well well, here we are again. The beginning of a new year. We actually made it through the last despite all the morbid predictions. Now there is no excuse wallow in what ifs. It is time to keep moving forward and to do great things.

I didn’t intend to get off the writing bandwagon last year. However, life happened. Quite a bit. Nothing like getting lost on a mountain or anything. Wait, that did happen. Good news, I made it back safely! That was a hell of a weekend, and a completely separate story. I’m back now, and there is a lot going on. I won’t spoil it all in a single post, but I wanted to share with you my 2013 goals (not resolutions, I gave those up.)

One of the important things to emphasis this year is that I’ll be following the SMART plan for 2013. Each item needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Because of this I am breaking the list into a first half and second half goals.

January – June Goals:

  • Pay off the $1500 in consumer debt between my Capital One and Target Card.
  • Pay off at least half of the $5000 remaining on my truck loan.
  • Develop my core strength.
  • Visit at least one new US city (new metro area).
  • Get my body weight down to the low 170’s.
  • Talk more with others about the books I read.

July – December Goals:

  • Run a sub-5 hour marathon.
  • Visit another country, preferably in another hemisphere.
  • Visit at least one new US city (new metro area).
  • Develop my upper body strength focusing on chest, back and shoulders.
  • Pay off the balace of my truck.
  • Pay off the remainder of my smaller student loan, approximately $2600.
  • Get my body weight down into the 160’s.

These are all specific goals for common generic items; get in shape, get my finances in order, read more, travel more. Some of them need to be more specific still. Visiting another country in a different hemisphere, for example, leaves a lot of options on the table. Since this is a second half goal I think that it is alright for it to still be somewhat vague. I would love to go to Ireland. But there are many factors the first half of the year can have on that goal. Also, visiting another US city is kind of generic. I’ve already got plans to go to New Orleans, but I’ve been there before. I do have a trip planned to another city, but those details have a reason for being withheld currently.

I’ll address some of the measurable factors, and how I’m going about attaining these goals in later posts. One item I will need everyone’s help on is talking more with others about books I’ve read. It is all well and good to read a book, but if we don’t communicate with others regarding what we read we aren’t really growing together. You can find me on GoodReads.com. You can see what I’ve already read and if you read it too lets grab coffee or hang out sometime and talk about it, and whatever else is going on. In all I read 11 books (novels, biographies, short stories and audiobooks) last year. Those would be the best to start with as they are fresh in my mind, but any book is welcome. You can also see what I’m currently reading (Brave New World Revisited) and want to read and determine if it is something for you.

What are you getting started this year? What are you plans? I’m hoping for a lucky ’13, but I’m also following the adage that, “you make your own luck.”

January 10, 2013   2 Comments